How to Download and Install Pixel Plus UI ROM on Realme Narzo 10A/C3

The Realme C3 and Narzo 10A are the company’s offerings in the budget segment. Launched in 2020 with Realme UI 1.0 based on Android 10, the company appears to have been failing to stand by the users’ expectations with the user interface. Here’s how you can Download and Install Pixel Plus UI ROM on your Realme Narzo 10A/Realme C3.

Some people do not prefer Realme’s custom Realme UI and would like to enjoy the goodness of Stock Android., and there’s a solution to that. Thanks to the custom ROM development community, a version of Pixel Plus UI is available for these smartphones.

Quick Tip: Realme C3 and Realme Narzo 10A support unified ROMs, and hence one can use Custom ROMs and recoveries.

Pixel Plus UI ROM Features:

  1. Clean and User-Friendly UI
  2. Easy to Install
  3. OxygenOS Experience
  4. Stable for Daily Use
  5. Unlimited Customization Options

Pixel Plus UI

1] Clean and User-Friendly UI

The ROM features the much-loved Pixel Launcher, a very user-friendly tool with minimal or no bugs. The performance on this ROM is great, and there’s the bonus of no bloatware pre-installed.

2] Easy to Install

The ROM is pretty straightforward to install, and there is no need for additional installation of GApps (Google Apps) manually. You can go ahead with just flashing the ROM using a custom recovery.

3] Full Pixel + Oxygen OS Experience

The ROM is based on Pixel Experience ROM with a look and feels like OxygenOS for all the fans out there. The experience is great.

4] Stable ROM

One of the key highlights of this ROM is its stability. One can use this ROM as his/her daily driver since it is quite stable with minimal bugs. We can confirm that all banking services and apps work perfectly fine on the device.

5] Customization

The ROM has pretty much good customization for a minimal customized experience. There’s no match for the customization options this ROM has to offer.


  • Realme C3/Narzo 10A with at least 60% battery
  • A Laptop/PC for executing ADB commands.
  • A USB-A cable for connecting the phone to PC/Laptop
  • USB Drivers, Realme Unlock Tool, ROM file, VBmeta file, and TWRP Recovery.

Note: We recommend you take a complete backup of your device before flashing, as all the data from your smartphone will be erased.

Pixel Plus UI Demo
Pixel Plus UI Demo

Download Links:

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any bricked devices. Proceed at your own risk.

How to Install Pixel Experience ROM on Realme C3/Narzo 10A

To begin with, installing the ROM, one needs to unlock the bootloader device and flash a custom recovery. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Enable USB Debugging

Enable Developer Options Realme

To enable USB Debugging, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your Realme C3/Narzo 10A.
  • Navigate to About Phone -> Tap on Build Number 7 Times.
  • Now, Head over to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.
  1. Unlock the Bootloader

Realme Unlock Tool

The next step to reach the final destination of installing the ROM is to unlock the bootloader. Here’s how to do so:

  • Start by downloading and installing the Realme in-depth Unlock Tool from the link above.
  • Next, open the app and click on Start Applying.
  • Now, you need to check the disclaimer box and click on Submit the Application.
  • Next up, your application will now be checked by Realme, and hence it may take a couple of minutes for the process to complete. Once done, you’ll see a message stating, “Review successfully.”
  • Then tap on the “Start the in-depth test” button, and your device will reboot automatically to the bootloader.
  • Now, you’ll notice a string being displayed on your screen fastboot_unlock_verify ok.
  • For the next step, download and extract the provided SDK Tools on your machine, Then open the extracted folder, then type cmd in the address bar to open a Command Prompt.
  • Then connect your Realme C3/Narzo 10A to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Type in the following command in Command Prompt to unlock the bootloader

adb reboot bootloader

  • Once the phone has successfully booted into fastboot mode, enter the command and press Enter on the keyboard.

fastboot flashing unlock

  • After the command has been executed, use the Volume Up keys on your phone and choose UNLOCK BOOTLOADER. This will wipe your data and reset the device. Then type the below command in the screen, where It will give a choice of bootloader, fastboot, and recovery mode.

fastboot reboot

  1. Flash Vbmeta

Before installing a custom recovery on any smartphone, it is recommended that you flash the Vbmeta file. Vbmeta disables the encryption and protection to allow ROMs to be flashed on your device. Here’s how to do so:

  • Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable and open the Command Prompt
  • Next, type in the following commands:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

Completing these steps will disable the Android Verified Boot (AVB) and allow you to flash custom recovery without bricking the device.

  1. Flash Custom Recovery

To flash the ROM, you need a custom recovery. For this guide, we will be using PBRP (Pitch Black Recovery Project), which is an easy-to-use and stable custom recovery for Realme C3/Narzo 10A.

  • Download the PBRP zip file mentioned above, then extract it to get a recovery.img file inside TWRP folder.
  • Once the vbmeta has been flashed, now you have to flash the custom recovery. [Please don’t skip that vbmeta step, or else the device will brick]
  • Next, find and copy the name of the recovery.img file and type it into the Command Prompt in a similar manner as mentioned below.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Finally, type the following command to reboot the device into recovery (PBRP).

fastboot reboot recovery

  1. Flash Pixel Plus UI Custom ROM

Now, onto the final step: Flashing the Pixel Plus UI ROM. Here’s how to go ahead with it:

  • Make sure your device is in recovery mode. If it isn’t, reboot your phone into PBRP by connecting it to the PC and type the following command in the bootloader/fastboot mode:

fastboot reboot recovery

  • Now, go ahead to the Wipe menu and Format Data.

Format Data Recovery

  • Then, head over to the Install menu, select the file, and confirm flashing by dragging the slider.

Install ROM Recovery

  • Finally, if you would like to flash Magisk for rooting, flash the Magisk 22.1 zip by the same method.
  • Then Wipe Dalvik and Cache, and reboot the system.

With this, you should have now successfully flashed the ROM on your device. Note that the first boot might take around 5mins, so do not panic.

That said, how was your experience? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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