Realme 9, Realme GT 2, Realme XT 3 Appears on Realme’s Official Website Hinting Imminent Launch

Realme is preparing for the arrival of a multitude of new smartphones in the upcoming months. Realme’s official Indian website has started featuring some of its unannounced smartphones. A list has been published on the company’s official website of the Realme 9, the Realme GT 2, and the Realme XT 3. Tipster Mukul Sharma spotted Realme’s website listing these three unannounced smartphones earlier. Let us take a look at what happens to have appeared on the page.

Realme 9, Realme GT 2, Realme XT 3 Spotted on Realme’s Official Website

As the name suggests, the Realme 9 is expected to succeed the Realme 8 smartphone, while the Realme GT 2 should be introduced as the successor to the Realme GT. Realme GT is yet to be officially launched in India.  It was revealed yesterday that the Realme GT will be released globally in June. It is expected that Realme GT 5G India will be launched this month. Realme’s India website listed the handset with the Coming Soon tag a few days ago.

The company also intends to launch the Realme GT camera flagship in July. Currently, no specifics are known about the upcoming device. On Realme’s website, the XT 3 is advertised as being a completely new handset, just like Realme 9 and GT 2. Realme’s website lists the device for Rs 10,999.

It was in 2019 that Realme announced the XT smartphone. Realme has not announced any other XT series smartphone since launching the XT. Now, Realme has posted its Realme XT 3 listing on its website. Currently, no details are available about the specifications or release date of these unannounced devices. 

That said, we expect to learn more about these upcoming devices once they pass certifications websites and appear on listings. Do let us know what do you think about the upcoming devices by dropping a comment down below.

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