Realme TechLife Split Air Conditioners With 1.5 Ton Capacity Launched In India: Price, Specifications

Realme has announced the addition of Convertible Air Conditioners to their TechLife line-up in India. The brand makes its first foray into the Air Conditioners market in India keeping Indian consumers and their needs in mind when it comes to Air Conditioners and their power consumption. The Realme TechLife product line has expanded with the introduction of these new air conditioners, following the introduction of semi-automatic washing machines in India.

These new Realme air conditioners have arrived at the perfect time in the Indian market, specifically for the summers, when temperatures begin to soar at alarmingly high rates. Realme TechLife‘s Convertible Air Conditioners come with a plethora of features and options. Among the appealing features of Realme’s new ACs are an inverter compressor technology for longer durability and faster cooling, as well as an automatic cleaning system. This cleaning system on the ACs will provide clean air while also protecting the AC from moisture, dust, and mould. Let’s take a look at the full feature list, pricing, and availability of the new Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioners.

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Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioners Price and Availability

The Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioners with a four-star power rating start from Rs 27,790 for the 1-ton capacity, whereas the 1.5 ton model of the AC costs Rs. Rs 30,999. On the contrary, the five-star AC models from Realme with 1.5-ton capacity are priced at Rs 33,490. The new TechLife air conditioners will be available for purchase through the e-commerce website Flipkart.

Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioners Features

Realme TechLife Air Conditioner

The Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioners have three different cooling modes – Dry, Eco, and Sleep – which aid in providing exceptional cooling in a variety of situations. These three Air Conditioner modes can cool down any room, even in temperatures as high as 55 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the convertible adjustable cooling on the Air Conditioner can be set to 40 per cent, 60 per cent, 80 per cent, or 110 per cent depending on the number of people in the room.

The use of inverter compressor technology on these new Realme ACs extends compressor life and provides a faster cooling experience with low power consumption. Furthermore, the Air Conditioner’s auto-cleaning technology will protect the internals from moisture, dust, and mould.

The cleaning system will dry off any water droplets that appear after use and will begin the drying process 30 seconds after the AC is turned off. The Blue Fin technology provides tough protection for the coils made of 100 per cent copper, which assists in heat reduction and efficient heat transfer. The AC uses R32 refrigerant and can operate without a stabiliser in a voltage range of 165 to 265V.

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