5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Realme UI

Screenshots have become a daily necessity in modern life. It allows uses to store or save the content visible on the screen with just a simple gesture or click of a button. With Realme UI, there are many ways one could use to take a screenshot, share them, and even take long screenshots. So, if you’ve got a new Realme smartphone and are wondering How to Take a screenshot or a long screenshot, This post will guide you on How to Take Screenshots / Long Screenshots on Realme Smartphones. Also, read Best Realme UI Tips and Tricks to Use Realme Phone like a PRO.

How to Take Screenshots / Long Screenshots on Realme Smartphones

There are several ways one could take screenshots on a Realme smartphone. The list of methods we will be following to take a screenshot is listed below.

  1. Using Power Button + Volume Button
  2. Using Three Finger Swipe Gesture
  3. Partial Screenshot
  4. Using Quick Settings
  5. Long Screenshots

1] Using Power Button + Volume Button

The first method is common, and all Android smartphones have this one common shortcut to take screenshots. To take a screenshot, press the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously to take a screenshot, as simple as that.

2] Using Three Finger Swipe Gesture

Three Finger Screenshot Realme

One of the most useful yet most ignored Realme UI features, the three-finger swipe gestures for taking a screenshot, is the easiest and fun way to take a screenshot. To do so, swipe down with 3 fingers simultaneously from top to bottom to take a screenshot.

3] Partial Screenshot

Partial Screenshot Realme

There are instances when one would like to share a specific part of the screen. Instead of just taking a full screenshot and then cropping it out, Realme UI offers a handy feature: Partial Screenshot. To do so, press and gently hold the screen with three fingers, and you will be able to see a selection box that can be dragged up or down to select the area of the screen of which you want a screenshot.

4] Using Quick Toggle in Quick Settings

Screenshot Quick Toggle

Another handful of Realme UI features is that it has a dedicated screenshot button present in the Quick Settings Panel. To take a screenshot, swipe down from the status bar to reveal the notification panel, then again swipe down to reveal the Quick Settings panel, and then you will find the screenshot quick toggle. If you cannot find it out, click the edit icon in the Quick Settings panel and add the Screenshot Toggle to the quick shade. 

5] Long Screenshots

Long Screenshot example in Realme smartphone

One of our favorites, Realme UI, offers an option for taking Long Screenshots. For instance, you find out an interesting recipe and want to save it for the future; Traditionally, you are likely to take multiple screenshots of different parts of the webpage, and your gallery will probably mess up. With Long Screenshots, this doesn’t occur. To do so, take a screenshot with the three-finger gesture or by pressing the power button + volume down button combo, and then on the floating window which appears, Tap and hold on this floating screenshot window, and drag it upwards to start taking a long screenshot. 

With that said, which method do you prefer for taking a screenshot? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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