Whatsapp Payments Might Get Integrated with Novi: Here’s What you Need to Know

Meta owned WhatsApp, an instant messaging and voice-over-IP service that lets users exchange text and voice messages, make audio and video conversations, and share photographs, documents, user locations, and other material might soon be getting a big change. The app just debuted UPI Payments in India, and it appears that the brand will be taking it to a new level soon since a fresh version of the APK indicates that it may soon be merged with the Novi wallet software.

Whatsapp x Novi: Here’s What You Need to Know

According to sources, the strings of code discovered during the deconstruction revolve around the verification process and are labelled with the word “Novi.” This confirms a recent revelation by fansite tracker WABetaInfo, which posted a screenshot demonstrating that the messaging platform is testing the interaction with Novi within its app.

The Novi Wallet is presently accessible for download, and a test programme for users in the United States and Guatemala is underway. The programme uses Pax Dollar, a digital token backed by the US Dollar, to allow users to send and receive money across borders without incurring any costs. The app wants to keep its payments secure and encrypted, according to the app description, which is why user identification must be verified before using its payment system.

In terms of how this will affect Indian users, the authentication requirement will only apply in areas where WhatsApp wants to integrate Novi for payments. In the meanwhile, because WhatsApp India uses UPI for payments, Indian users do not need to provide any verification papers and may continue sending and receiving money as usual. Because this was recently disclosed, there’s no way of knowing when the authentication will be necessary or when users will be able to make payments over WhatsApp.

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