Realme C25, C15 Qualcomm Edition get June 2021 Security Update

The June 2021 security update has started deploying to certain variants of the Realme C25 and C15 Qualcomm Edition. Identified by firmware version RMX3191_11_A.19/RMX2195_11_A.37, Realme’s latest software release has just made its way to India, where it started rolling out earlier today.

Things seem to be returning back to normal now, on account of the June 1st security patch level reaching the Realme C25, C15 Qualcomm Edition while we’re in, you know, July. Speaking of which, this month’s security update hasn’t rolled out to any Realme device over the world for now. All throughout that June period, Realme started a ton of other deployments spanning more than 10 devices across countries.

  • Security
    • Updated Android security patch: June, 2021
  • System
    • Fix some known issues
    • Optimized ​​system stability

Released just last year, the Realme C15 is expected to keep enjoying a steady flow of security updates for about two more years. And if you’re eager to get things going with this particular release, consider an attempt to trigger a manual installation right from within your Settings app. Just scroll to the bottom, tap the Software update option, and then select the Download and install the item on the following screen.

If that doesn’t work (and if you aren’t located in India, it probably won’t right this very second, for obvious reasons), consider downloading the full system images equipped with the latest security update directly from our Realme’s archives, then flashing those to your device manually.

That said, do let us know whether you’ve received the update on your unit or not, by dropping a comment down below.

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