4 Ways to Factory Reset your Realme Smartphone

Considering selling your device or passing it on to someone else? Perhaps your phone isn’t working as it should, or you simply need a fresh start. Most issues can be fixed by a simple restart, but it’s not always effective. A factory reset may be necessary in more serious cases. You might want to consider factory resetting Android sometimes if it isn’t working quite as it should (at least from a software standpoint). This post will guide you on three ways using which you can reset any Realme smartphone.

What to do Before Factory Resetting Your Realme Phone?

While factory resetting your Realme smartphone isn’t a difficult task, what most users forget before doing it is taking a backup. So, start with taking a complete backup of your realme device. You could either use services like Google Drive or resort to backing up locally on your computer or an external SD card. Note that, once the phone has been reset, you will not be able to recover any lost data. Hence, backing up is necessary.

4 Ways to Factory Reset your Realme Smartphone

There are multiple methods you can use to factory reset any Realme smartphone, be it the Realme C2 or the Realme X7 Pro 5G. 

  1. Hard Reset using Recovery Mode
  2. Reset using Settings
  3. Reset Settings
  4. Reset using Google’s Find My Device

1] Hard Reset using Recovery Mode

This method involves switching off your smartphone and using the recovery mode to reset. While this is not recommended for casual users, this option comes in handy in instances.

  • Start by completely switching off your smartphone.
  • Hold down the Volume Down and Power keys together for 3-4 seconds.
  • When the Realme logo appears on the screen with a small text at the bottom, release the buttons.
  • Now, choose the desired Language.
  • Select Wipe data to hard reset the device
  • Here,  using the volume rocker, choose the YES button to reset the device.
  • Once done, click on “Reboot System Now” on your device. The device will start your device in factory condition.

2] Reset using Settings

Factory Reset Realme

This next method is the easiest of the bunch and can be executed easily. Here’s how to reset your Realme smartphone:

  • Start by opening the Settings app from your app drawer.
  • Scroll down and find Additional settings
  • Head over to Backup and reset menu
  • Choose the Erase all data (factory reset) option
  • Now click the Erase all data button to factory reset the device

3] Reset Settings on Realme Smartphones

Sometimes you might encounter some issues in your device, and you want to factory reset to make all settings default. There’s a useful option in Realme UI, which does the same:

  • Start by opening the Settings app from your app drawer.
  • Scroll down and find Additional settings
  • Click on the Backup and reset menu.
  • Here, you’ll find a Reset System Settings Only option. Click on it.

4] Reset using Google’s Find My Device

Finally, if you’ve lost your Realme smartphone running Android, you can still wipe it “remotely” using Google’s Find My Device.

  • Start by heading over to android.com/find in a web browser and signing into your Google Account.
  • Now, choose the name of the device you’d like to reset from the top.
  • Next, tap on Erase Device. With this, you’ll notice several prompts as a warning. Press on Erase Device and enter your Google Account password.

With that said, how often do you reset your smartphone? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below. You can also follow us on our social media accounts and join our Telegram group to get the most out of your Realme smartphone and smart devices.

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