New ‘D’ Brand to launch under Realme TechLife on May 25

As part of the much-anticipated TechLife initiative, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme is set to launch a new brand whose name begins with the letter D on May 25, 2021. During the launch of the Realme 8 Pro earlier this year, Madhav Seth, Vice President and CEO Realme India and Europe, teased the brand’s name beginning with “D.”

There will be a line of products for the new brand, according to industry sources, IANS reported. Due to the current Covid situation in the country, the brand launch will not be a big splash, the company said. Using independent R&D, custom development, and product selection, TechLife will be looking for innovative partners worldwide to provide new technology experiences for users.

Realme earlier told IANS that TechLife would support other budding technology businesses in the country to develop more sophisticated products.

“We will be supporting our partners who have joined the ‘realme TechLife’ platform with our product, R&D, supply and quality assurance. We leave options to onboard brands to choose their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners freely,” Sheth had said.

“Some brands also own their own factories. In case any brands need support of a local OEM, realme will provide all the support in figuring out local OEM partners for them, who could help them manufacture their products and give the best quality assurance,” Sheth elaborated.

Madhav Sheth said “2020 saw us foraying into diverse categories such as wearables, hearables, Smart TV, and Smart homes. 2021 is going to be an even more thrilling year for our AIoT segment as we plan to launch more than 100 products.”. He further added “We will be focusing more on AIOT business to build a holistic ecosystem,” he highlighted. The brand plans to bring new generations of Realme Buds Air, Realme Buds Q, Realme smart TV, smart bulbs that can be remotely controlled, trimmer, among others in the months to come”.

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