Realme X2, C12 and C15 Receiving Second Realme UI 2.0 Beta update

In January this year, realme announced the Early Access Program of Realme UI 2.0 for many smartphones, including the realme X2, the realme C12, and the realme C15.

While the first beta rolled out within a couple of hours of the beta announcement, the company has now started rolling out a new beta for the devices. This software comes with an update package of more than a GB package and carries the build version RMX1992EX_11_F.11, RMX2189_11_C.02 and RMX2180_11_C.02 for the realme X2, C12, and C15, respectively.

Realme C12 C15 X3 Realme UI 2.0 Beta

The beta for the X2 adds new features such as night scene, slow motion at 960fps, fixes bugs with the camera, optimizes the settings menu, apps, and video. Moreover, the update for the C12 and C15 fixes various problems about the camera, the portrait mode, adds swipe up gesture, and fixed the probabilistic issue that fixed the screen with a sliding gesture on both sides.

Realme X2 RMX1992EX_11_F.11 Realme UI 2.0 Beta Changelog

  • Camera
    • Added night scene mode
    • Added slow motion video 960fps
    • Fixed the problem of continuous shooting after zooming 2x, and the continuous shooting pictures have 1x picture problems.
    • Fixed 4k video recording, the preview is inconsistent with the imaging angle of view.
    • Fixed the problem of the fixed screen when recording video in 4K video mode
    • Fixed the problem that the camera may freeze and return to the desktop after the camera freezes after taking multiple pictures in 64M.
    • Fixed the probabilistic issue that the camera cannot be called after the OTA upgrade
    • Fixed the issue of camera stuck screen and flashing when using Super Macro
    • Fixed the issue of camera freeze and flashback in portrait filter in portrait mode
  • Settings
    • Optimized fingerprint recognition logic to improve the fingerprint recognition rate
    • Fixed the problem of detecting foreign objects or liquids when the mobile phone cannot be charged.
  • Apps
    • Optimized some applications that have stuck issues when using
    • Fixed the problem that the progress bar stops the video and continues to play after dragging the progress bar of the Line playing video
    • Fixed the problem that Webnovel failed to comment on photos uploaded
    • Fixed the problem that the background setting of the photos taken by the front and rear cameras fails when the chat background is changed in Viber

Realme C12, C15 RMX2189_11_C.02/RMX2180_11_C.02 Realme UI 2.0 Beta Changelog

  • System
    • Optimized system performance and improved system stability
    • Optimized the standby power consumption in some scenarios
  • Camera
    • Fixed the deformation problem of portrait mode
  • Headset
    • Fixed the issue of abnormal volume adjustment of headphones
  • Settings
    • Added swipe up gesture
    • The fixed probabilistic issue that fixed screen with a sliding gesture on both sides

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