How to Install Google Camera [GCAM] on Realme Narzo 20 and 20 Pro

Realme’s current budget series of devices, which come under the Narzo sub-brand, has become quite popular due to its great price to performance ratio. The Narzo 20, the Narzo 20A, and the Narzo 20 Pro, the current generation devices, impressed the users and the gadget guru’s as they offered some really great specifications on paper. However, people often like image processing from Google’s algorithm over the Realme’s stock camera application. That said, thanks to the active community of developers, there’s a ported version of Google Camera (GCAM) available for the Narzo 20 and the Narzo 20 Pro. This post will guide you on How to Download and Install Google Camera on the Realme Narzo 20 and 20 Pro.

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Realme Narzo 20 and Narzo 20 Pro Google Camera features:

The Google Camera MOD offers some really great features compared to the stock camera application and brings out true-life images. Some of the key features of the GCAM MOD are listed below:

  • Photo Sphere-

Google Camera offers a feature known as “Photo Sphere.” What it actually does is that it makes a sphere image after users click the image. Taking a sphere is very similar to that of a Panorama shot. It does take some time, but the results are astonishing and come out to be very good.

  • 4K 60FPS Video Recording-

Recording videos in Ultra HD resolution with 60-frame rates are restricted by some manufacturers. Hence, there is no option for recording in 4k with 60fps. But with Google Camera, users can record up to 4K videos with full 60-frame rates per second. 

  • HDR+ images-

Unlike older versions of HDR (High-Dynamic-range) images, where the computational photography technique is used. HDR+ takes continuous burst shots with short exposure along with AI. This helps to make the image look better when compared with the stock HDR images. 

  • Motion Photos-

Similar to iPhone’s Live Photos, Google Camera offers the “Motion Photos” feature. Apparently, this feature clicks a concise, silent, and low-quality image. It may not sound that great, but the results come out to be pretty good. 

  • Smartburst-

With Google Camera, users can click multiple images at once as it offers a feature known as Smart burst. Enabling it is very easy, as users need to press the shutter button, and then the phone will click up to 10 images at once, which will be similar to each other.

Download Google Camera for Realme Narzo 20 and Narzo 20 Pro:

Since this is a ported version of the Google Camera GCAM, this isn’t directly available for download via the Google Play Store. Users can download it via the link attached below.

Google Camera APK for Realme Narzo 20 and 20 Pro

XML Config for Narzo 20 and 20 Pro

Install Google Camera on Realme Narzo 20 and 20 Pro:

Google Camera Installation Realme

To install Google Camera on Realme Narzo 20 and 20 Pro, users need to follow these steps-

  • Download the camera APK File from the link mentioned above.
  • Open your file manager, and browse the APK file that you just downloaded.
  • Click on the APK file and install it by clicking on the pop-up that comes.
  • However, if users are installing an APK for the first time, they will need to enable “Unknown Sources.” For that, click on the pop up that comes up and enable the toggle on.
  • Google Camera has been successfully installed on the Narzo 20 and 20 Pro.

Now to apply the XML config, they need to follow these steps-

  • Download the XML config file and open a file manager app.
  • Next, browse for a folder named “trcamera.”
  • Open the folder and paste it into the folder named “xmlconfig.”
  • Create if the folder doesn’t exist
  • Now, open the camera app and tap on the screen’s black area, just below the shutter button.
  • Select the XML config that you just downloaded, and you’re done.

That said, are there any major differences you notice while capturing images from Google Camera APK? Do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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