How to Use Private Safe to Hide Photos/Files in Realme Smartphones

Privacy has been a big concern in recent times and people are more concerned about it than ever before. To attract users towards purchasing their smartphones, manufacturers are now bringing innovative ideas to strengthen the privacy of users. Realme is on the same track, and has introduced a ton of new privacy features to their Operating System, one of which is Private Safe. With Realme smartphones on Private Safe, users can now hide their files in a secure way and lock them using a password. So if you’re looking to hide some personal information or photos, Private Safe is the way to go.

How To Setup/ Set Password for Private Safe

  • Start by heading over Settings
  • Navigate to Fingerprint & Password.
  • Next, choose Private Safe.
  • Here, select Privacy password.

Set Privacy Password

With this, you’ll now be prompted to set a master password for the Private Safe. Note that, this is only meant for you and do not share with the password with others.

How to Access Private Safe

One can access Private Safe in a total of three ways, which include:

  1. By Settings
  2. Via Photos App
  3. Via File Manager

Method 1: by Settings

  • Open Settings and navigate to Fingerprint & Password.
  • Next, click on Private Safe and choose Privacy password.
  • Here, enter your privacy password and now you will be able to see all your folders available.

Method 2: Via Photos App

  • Open the Photos App and long tap and hold on the top header where the Photos, Album or Explore options are located.
  • Now, enter your private safe password.
  • With this, you’ll be listed with all the secured files and folders.

Method 3: Via File Manager

  • Open the File Manager application.
  • Next, long Tap and hold on the top header where the Recents or Categories options are located.
  • Here enter your private safe password and you’re good to go.

That said, wasn’t that simple? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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