How to Create Your Own Wallapers in realme UI 3.0 [Inventive Wallpapers]

Gazing at the same wallpaper on a phone or tablet can become tiresome after a while, but then who wants to spend hours searching for the best wallpapers that suit your preferences for the right background? The backdrop or wallpaper on your phone’s main screen or lock screen is an important component of personalising the device. A catalogued library of wallpapers is fundamental for those who enjoy having a theme.

realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 introduces Inventive Wallpapers, a new feature for personalization lovers that works by using Artificial Intelligence to generate wallpapers based on an image you click; this is in a way much similar to Oppo Watch’s watch face generator. In this post, we will take a look at how you can use the inventive wallpaper feature to create new backdrops and never get bored.

Before we move ahead, people ask, why do I need an AI to generate wallpapers for me when I could go ahead, search on google and choose an image? Well, before you choose a wallpaper, you need to make sure you know how big it is and whether it will fit on your screen, and that’s a tedious task. You may do so by looking at the resolution, which is given as two numbers. A 1080p display on the Realme GT Master Edition, for example, has a resolution of 1080 x 2400. The width is indicated by the first number, while the height is shown by the second.

If you want a smartphone wallpaper, use a higher second number and a lower initial number; this stops your smartphone from enlarging into a picture and rendering it grainy. If you use tablets such as the Realme Pad, choose a wallpaper dependent on the position you use it in: a higher first number if you prefer landscape view, or a higher second figure if you prefer portrait mode.

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Inventive Wallpapers in Realme UI 3.0

Inventive wallpapers are only available on devices running realme UI 3.0, ColorOS 12 and Oxygen OS 12. You’ll be required a device running one of the previously mentioned UIs to go ahead. With that out of the way, here’s how you can create new wallpapers on realme smartphones.

Inventive Wallpapers realme UI 3.0

  1. Start by opening the Settings application.
  2. Next, navigate to Settings > Personalizations and choose Wallpapers.
  3. Here, tap on Inventive Wallpapers (placed third from the left on top).

Inventive Wallpapers realme UI 3.0

  1. You’ll now be promoted to choose from either of the two options, either click a new photo or choose one from the gallery.
  2. Choose one, select the photo you’d like to use from the Album and wait for the AI to do its magic.
  3. You get over seven different newly generated wallpaper choices, choose one and tap on Apply.

Wasn’t that simple? That said do let us know your colour preferences by dropping a comment down below.

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