Realme TVs Receive a Permanent Price Cut, Now Starts at Rs 13999 in India

In India, Realme has announced a price cut and special new deals for its Smart TV line. For the Smart TV models that are currently available in the country, the brand has introduced a new pricing approach. These new price changes coincide with Realme’s new ‘Special Sellout scheme,’ which commenced on March 7th and will expire on March 11th. Let’s take a closer look at the new pricing scheme, offers and everything we know so far.

The Chinese company has not only implemented a new pricing plan for its Smart TV line but has also offered an additional discount, making the deals even more appealing.

Realme’s New Pricing Approach Towards Smart TVs for India

The Smart TV HD 32-inch and the Smart TV Neo have revised prices of Rs 15999 and Rs 13999, respectively, which is a Rs. 1000 discount over the previous price. Realme Smart TV Full HD 32-inches and Smart TV 4K 43-inches have received new pricing of Rs. 17,999 and Rs. 29,999, respectively, with a Rs 1000 price reduction.

Product Old MOP New MOP
realme Smart TV 32” Neo INR 14999/- INR 13999/-
realme Smart TV HD 32” INR 16999/- INR 15999/-
realme Smart TV Full HD 32” INR 18999/- INR 17999/-
realme Smart TV 4K 43” INR 30999/- INR 29999/-

Realme’s Special Sellout Scheme offers an additional discount on the new rates, enhancing the value of the purchase for customers. The Smart TV 32-inch Neo will be discounted by Rs. 1500, while the Smart TV HD and Full HD 32-inch models will be discounted by Rs. 1000.

In the new policy, even the Realme 4K Smart TV with a 43-inch screen qualifies for the Rs. 1000 discount. In the Special Sellout Scheme, the 43-inch Full-HD Smart TV model obtained the greatest discount offer of Rs. 2000, while the Realme 100W soundbar received the lowest discount offer of Rs. 500 during the sale period, which runs till March 11th. Here’s a list of all the available offers during the special sellout scheme.

Product New MOP Discounts available
realme Smart TV 32” Neo INR 13999/- INR 1500/-
realme Smart TV HD 32” INR 15999/- INR 1000/-
realme Smart TV Full HD 32” INR 17999/- INR 1000/-
realme Smart TV Full HD 43” INR 26999/- INR 2000/-
realme Smart TV 4K 43” INR 29999/- INR 1000/-
realme 100W Soundbar INR 7999/- INR 500

Are you willing to grab any of these products from the offer period from Realme? Do let us know.

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