Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum, Air Purifier, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Launched: Price, Specification

Realme Techlife has launched a new robot vacuum, a handheld vacuum cleaner, an air purifier in India, expanding its smart home product range. The event was held on 30 September at 12:30 PM and live-streamed at and Flipkart. The Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner with a 50W motor and mopping capabilities. Realme’s portable vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, comes with a 140W engine that spins at 10,500RPM and has a suction power of 9.5KPa. The air purifier comes with a HEPA H12 filter that claims to have filtering effectiveness of 99.5 per cent when it comes to micron particles. Let us take a look at Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum, Air Purifier, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum, Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Air Purifier Price in India, Availability

The realme Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is priced at INR 7,999 and the first sale is scheduled for 2nd October 2021. It will also be available at a special price of INR 7,499 during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale. The realme Robot Vacuum is priced at Rs.24,999 and the first sale is scheduled for 3rd October. It will also be available at a special price of INR 19,999 during the sale. The realme TechLife Air Purifier is priced at Rs.7,999. It is scheduled to go on sale beginning 2nd October, on, Flipkart and soon at mainline channels. It will also be available at a special price of INR 6,999 during the Big Billion Days sale.

Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum

The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum cleaner has a LiDAR sensor for smart mapping and navigation with 98% accuracy, and 360°scanning.  It also comes with a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop function comprising of 3 cleaning modes that include mop, Vacuum + mop and Vacuum and covers more cleaning needs of the users. It is equipped with 3000Pa suction, a 300mL smart electronic water tank, 38 high-precision sensors to detect obstacles on the way and the state of its own machine, Google Assistant and Alexa Support.

Realme Robot Vacuum

In addition, the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum, features human stimulated cleaning path with which each area can be mopped twice for a deeper clean effect, 55dB low noise operation, collision-resistant tempered glass on the top and realme Link App Smart Connect to use realme link to realize customizable cleaning plans.

Realme Techlife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The realme TechLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner features an advanced HEPA filter that is said to deliver micron-level filtration to prevent dust from being released into the air. There’s a 9.5KPa Super Suction with effective 140w dust suction and motor with a speed of up to 10,500 rpm, to meet the cleaning needs in daily life. There are two different cleaning modes for different home situations.

Realme Handheld Robot Vacuum

The realme Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with a variety of brush head options, that includes a motorized floor brush (main brush), a 2-in-1 brush, a crevice tool and an extension tube enabling users to clean a large area and places that are not easy to clean. It is also equipped with a large 2200mAh high-efficiency battery and provides up to 40 minutes of cleaning time in soft cleaning mode and up to 20 minutes of cleaning time in strong cleaning mode.

Realme Techlife Air Purifier

The newly arrived realme TechLife Air Purifier has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 330m³/h, which is said to clean air output of 330 cubic meters per hour. There are five wind mode settings that include sleep, soft, normal, strong and auto modes. The Air Purifier is also equipped with a Japanese SHARP air quality sensor that can accurately detect the concentration of PM2.5 in the air.

Realme Air Purifier

The air purifier comes with a 3-layers filtration structure that includes a HEPA H12 high-efficiency filter and 60+ layer mountain fold structure, to improve purification efficiency. The HEPA H12 filter when used with realme TechLife Air Purifier, achieves a filtration efficiency of 99.95% for solid air particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns and above in a standard indoor environment.

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