Soloop Video Editor v1.40.0/v.1.39.0 Latest Version APK Download

For those unfamiliar, Soloop is a video editing tool developed by OPPO and Realme for their smartphones. Users may use the software to make slideshows, short movies of pictures, and videos in seconds. Users may edit their priceless images and movies and inject their creativity into them thanks to the software’s numerous capabilities. Short movies for Reels and WhatsApp statutes might also be created with the programme.

Realme has just started rolling out a new update to the Soloop app with software version v1.40.0. The update brings bug fixes, stability improvements and possibly adds new features. The changelog isn’t available as of now. You can find the download link attached below.

Download Soloop Latest Version APK for Realme and OPPO Smartphones

  • Soloop 1.40.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.39.0 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.37.3 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.38.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.37.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.36.1 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.36.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.35.2 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.35.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.4 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.34.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.3 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.3 APK (Chinese ROM) – Link
  • Soloop 1.32.1 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.31.1 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.30.4 APK – Link

How to Download Soloop v1.40.0 Latest Version APK

You can go around updating the soloop app on your phone in two different ways. You could either update the app via the App Market or download and install the APK manually. Here’s how to do so:

Method 1: via App Market

Update Soloop

  1. Open the App Market on your device.
  2. Click on your Profile (Me) at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Next, tap on App Updates ->More updates.
  4. Finally, select Soloop and then choose Update

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